Durasin Design, Whether You’re Loving Your Home or Listing It

If you’re trying to decide whether you should buy or build a new house or upgrade your current home, talk to Durasin Drafting & Design for ideas that can raise your resale value or make better use of your existing space.

Design Your Dream Home
Durasin’s designers will help you create your custom-designed dream home not only to fit your present needs, but to accommodate your family’s future. Our experience becomes an important asset to you, not only in ensuring that your vision is correctly translated into blueprints but also in smoothing the arrangement of site-plan approvals.

Before You List Your Home
Durasin’s experienced designers can help you refurbish your home with cost-effective changes that make a dramatic difference in the appeal of your home to prospective buyers. Studies show that thoughtful renovations to kitchens and bathrooms increase the value of a home and drive the decisions of homebuyers. Talk to Durasin’s designers about how to get the most bang for your renovation buck!

Finding Space You Didn’t Know You Had
Life brings many changes and your home has to accommodate those changes. If you’re accommodating the needs of a new baby or a senior, if you’re launching a home-based business or getting serious about your crafts, you need well-designed space – and you may not have to go to the expense and trouble of a move. Durasin Drafing & Designs will make sure your new nursery, barrier free suite, office, addition or sunroom fits your new requirements and blends seamlessly into the existing design of your house.

Heritage Homes
Durasin Drafting & Designs also has many years of experience in designing for special needs and in alterations for historic Heritage homes. We will make sure that you are in compliance with government regulations while making sure the space meets your needs.

Working with a professional design service ensures that you make the most of the space in your home and lot while preserving their character. Working with Durasin’s designers means there will be no expensive surprises or changes and that you will be working with a team whose focus is on realizing your vision.