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BCIN Qualified and Fully Insured

Ontario Bill 124 became law in January, 2006. It requires that Design Firms submitting Plans for Building Permit approval must have met educational requirements specified in the Ontario Building Code and met the other requirements outlined therein. Design Firms meeting those requirements will have a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) from the Ministry.

What is a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN)?
A Building Code Identification Number, or BCIN, is the unique identifying number assigned to individuals who file their qualifications with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and firms which register with the Ministry. The BCIN is used for several purposes: you may need to provide it on building permit applications in all correspondence with the Ministry, and in any other building-related work that requires a qualified person or registered firm.

Who is responsible for ensuring that building practitioners are appropriately qualified and/or registered?
Ultimately, it is the role of the individual or firm to be appropriately qualified / registered. As part of completing the building permit application form, designers must provide their qualification information and are therefore accountable for the information they provide.

Municipalities are responsible for assessing building permit applications for completion, including ensuring that the designers listed on the application have the necessary qualifications, and if required have insurance and are registered with the province.

Municipalities are also responsible for enforcing the Building Code Act, 1992 and Building Code, including reviewing building permit applications for compliance with the Building Code.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing administers the Building Code examinations necessary for building practitioners to be qualified. The Ministry is also responsible for accepting filed qualification information, as well as approving, renewing, suspending and revoking the registration of designers and registered code agencies.

The Building Code requires that qualified and registered designers who review and take responsibility for design activities include the following information on any documents submitted to a chief building official or registered code agency:
  • The name and Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) of the registered firm
  • A statement that the qualified person has reviewed and taken responsibility for the design activities
  • The name and BCIN of the qualified person
  • The signature of the qualified person

How can I check if my designer / building official is qualified?
The qualification and registration status of building practitioners, including designers and building officials, may be verified through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s public registry, accessible through the Qualification and Registration Tracking System (QuARTS) at