Durasin Drafting & Design’s Home Design Services for London

At Durasin Drafting & Design in London, we believe that a home isn’t simply a place to live, but to live better. By having a custom designed home, each room can be proportional to your current and future needs. For these reasons, we pay considerable attention to your personal and family needs in the planning stages of developing your design.

Considerations in Planning Your Home’s Design
When designing a home, it’s important to consider how you would like to make use of the rooms and space. A great way to start off the planning phase is to note your likes and dislikes about your current living arrangement. This includes little things such as how much counter space you typically need when cooking.

Incorporating Furniture in the Design
In considering specific rooms, it’s important to think about the size and placement of furniture in each room. A room that you previously thought to be quite large can feel crowded and uncomfortable when furniture is not taken into consideration.

Designing Your Home’s Future
If you are newly married, it’s a good idea to think about the number of children you plan to raise in the home. When children are not planned into the home’s design; what once seemed like a spacious mansion, can soon feel like a one room apartment.

Hobbies and lifestyles play an important part in these decisions as well. If you have a child active in sports or outdoor activities, a “mud room” helps keep dirt and snow from being tracked all over your home’s floors and carpets.

Site Plan Approvals
Durasin Drafting & Design can also assist you in completing London’s forms for planning and development. We provide building permit drawings, and our engineer is always available to help plan your home’s structural needs.

Learn more about this process by visiting the London’s Planning and Development web site, which offers a wealth of information on the site plan approval process.

With our team of designers and engineers, we can help ensure a smooth, enjoyable homebuilding experience. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss all your home design needs. Please, give us a call today!