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Durasin Drafting & Design: London’s Designer with a Personal Touch

From blueprints to the first sight of your new home, the designers at Durasin Drafting & Design turn your dreams into reality. From our firm in London, Ontario, we offer drafting and design services for new homes, renovations, interior alterations and additions. Whether you’re looking to build a new home or just make some adjustments, we can provide reliable drafting and designing services at competitive rates. We are also committed to your safety, and to the safety of your community. Read more in our Permits section.

What Makes a House a ‘Home’?
With the foundation, floorboards, joists and shingles, there’s no one structural element that makes a building feel like a home. In our experience, the only element that makes a home is the heart. By engaging our customers in home design, alterations and renovations processes, we are able to create a home that suits the passions and interests of the whole family.

It is our goal to design homes that stand the test of time, from generation to generation, to give families the spaces they need to live out their dreams. Learn more about us and our company’s design philosophy.

Consultations for Home Design, Renovations, Alterations and Additions
As a homeowner, you may find that you have outgrown your present home. Renovation is today's answer to moving, and may include anything from adding a room, fixing up the basement or building a garage, to remodelling the interior of a house.

If you are planning a renovation, addition, alteration or a new home design, we would love to meet with you to discuss your drafting and design needs. View our home renovation, interior alteration and addition services we offer to London, Ontario and the surrounding areas.

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Durasin Drafting & Design is a proud to be BCIN qualified and fully insured. View our qualifications now.